How To Choose A Power Controller

When deciding which Bridgewerks Power Controller is best for you, use this simple guide:

  1. Do you have one track or two tracks to power?
  2. How much power do you need?The length of the track is not the deciding factor. The amount of power is determined by the amount drawn from the track.
    • Each motor in the engine = 1 amp (large USA trains with 2 motors will take 2.5 amps)
    • Each lighted passenger car = 1 amp (unless the cars are using LEDs)
    • Smoke = 1 amp
    • Sound = 1 amp
    • Any accessories (switches, lighted buildings etc.) = 1 amp

    Add up your amps used and give yourself a little extra for expansion.

  3. Do you prefer gauges to LED bars for Amp and Voltage readouts?
    • Units with gauges (single track) – 20SRM.
    • Units with gauges (2-track) – 220RM.
  4. Do you want to be able to use a remote?
    • All units with an “R” in the title will take our RC-100 Remote (ex: SR15, 20SRM)
If you have additional questions or other specific layout issues, please give us a call at (253) 225-9032. We will be happy to help you find the right power controller for you.