All About Power

There is a huge misconception in the model railroad industry concerning the “power” of a given controller.

3 AMPS!! 6 AMPS!! 10 AMPS!! 15 AMPS!! WOW. The amperage rating is only half of the formula for telling you what the power of your controller is. Equally as important is the voltage at a given amperage level. Nearly all units on the market that state a given amperage rating do not give you the voltage you need at that amperage. Three of our competitors’ units we tested had less than 12 volts when drawing 10 Amps!  Since engines are generally run at voltages above 12, they will not have 10 Amps available.

Since everyone uses the term “amps” as a measure of power, we do the same; the major difference is that we supply in excess of 20 volts at 10 Amps.

The real measure of power should be VA, which is the voltage times the amps; this is a true measure of power. As an illustration, our biggest competitor, who claims 25 volts and 10 amps, only tells part of the story. If their unit supplied 25 volts at 10 Amps, it would have a power level of 250 VA. However their unit only supplies 13 volts at 10 Amps, thus the power level is 130 VA.

Bridgewerks controllers provide 15 AMPS at more than 20 volts; this is a power level of 300 VA, which is more than double the power of any other controller on the market!

If power is a consideration – and it should be – the answer is Bridgewerks, the most powerful controllers on the market!

If you have any questions about power, please give us a call; we will be happy to answer them.